Tarot Symbols & Meanings Dec 1

The Fool

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
Alexander Pope

thefoolWhat came before the beginning? The Fool, the number zero, dares us to ask what happened before life as we know it. Untapped potential, wishful everything, life before consciousness. The number zero, representing both the ascent and descent of all things within its ellipse form, asks us to accept the possibility that the beginning is really the end and the end is really the beginning. Trying to find the start and finish lines in a seamless circle? In the zero zone, if we strive to arrive somewhere, we ultimately realize that arrival was never the point of walking the circle in the first place.

If you can insert variety into the most routine of days, surprise even yourself, recapture the innocence of infancy and exploration, or trust even those seemingly impossible ideas, you have captured the energy of the Fool. To Infinity and Beyond! By launching your innate sense to explore, and trusting in the cosmic cycles of the universe, you will seamlessly uncomplicate your life.

What comes up as a fluke, a crazy chance, or even the hero’s call may be just what you need to tap into your own pure and unlimited potential. The energy of the Fool trusts in the random and chaos as much as it trusts in the ordered and planned. It invites interruptions, because in those seemingly false starts bubble up important questions we ask ourselveswhen they have our full attention.

Shown in traditional tarot, the Fool is about to step off the edge of a cliff. He’s not looking before he leaps, because he’s not truly grounded mentally. Perhaps he is about to make a huge mistake—and yet, how very often those mistakes at the cliff’s edge are where awareness truly begins.

In the medieval world, the Fool, the court jester, was not always seen as a featherbrain; courtiers often viewed the jester as thinking outside the box. Sometimes he was even allowed to break the rules of court etiquette. While he operated outside of the system, he was yet wise enough to know he knew nothing.

The Fool is the part of ourselves that stands awestruck before Divine mystery, yet bold enough to explore it. Although a jester, the Fool is not a trickster. He explores ideas and concepts in his innocence and his naiveté. In his innocence, he truly sees the possibility and potential of everything at once. He sees that each moment is a life within itself.

“Innocence shines forward all that is and will be in one sentence.”
Simeon Peter

Uncommon Tarot Interpretations

• an unplanned or unknown pregnancy
• an incalculable risk
• unrecognized intuitive hunches
• white noise

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