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Intuitive Life Coaching

Weekly Energetic Forecast – $50.00

Got an important week coming up? Your personal energetic forecast can help you with the decisions you’ll make. See our Energetic Forecasts Archives for examples.

Dream Interpretation – $25.00

A email consult that helps you explore the nature of dream recall, dream symbology, dream problem solving, as well as the frameworks of repetitive, difficult, and precognitive dreams.

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Refund Policy: If you are dissatisfied with any of our consultation services, you may request a refund within thirty (30) days of service rendered.

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Happy Tails
Happy Tails$8.00 Paperback
Includes S & H, Continental US

“A comforting and uplifting book for those struggling with the ending of a relationship and searching for emerging inner strength.”

Dwight Webb, Ph.D., Psychologist, University of New Hampshire

Midwest Book ReviewSimply stated, Julie Rogers’ Happy Tails: How Pets Can Help You Survive Divorce is a superbly presented self-help guide for men, women and children affected by divorce. Replete with helpful information about the stag…

simeonhalfnewcoverprintluluSimeon – $9.00 E-Book
Simeon: A Greater Reality, a series of channeled sessions from an entity identified as Simeon Peter, offers students of twenty-first-century metaphysics new and exciting insights concerning the nature of reality and human intervention. In this revolutionary book, Simeon introduces a new twist on the supernatural, including:
• the soul expansion principle

• crucifixion as a universal symbol for the human death experience
• a single DNA strain that holds matter into separate forms
• chemical and astral constructs surrounding human conflict

“We all channel, or send out energetic components we call conversation,
and yet, these are only symbols of love—the extension of God,
which points to non-form, something beyond place and time.
Don’t take this world you made for yourselves too seriously.
For this non-form exists beyond it, and always was, and is.”
—Simeon  Peter

By Michael Reisig, best-selling author of “Caribbean Gold”

In her latest book, “Simeon, A Greater Reality,” Julie Rogers offers a highly intuitive and enlightening journey. Her experiences and communications are insightful, vivid and personal. Not only does she offer to divine the nature of man, but also she presents the unlimited possibilities with which we are blessed.

Her sessions with Simeon offer an amalgam of Christ’s teachings, while undoing the esoteric knots in our perceptions of human conflict, heaven and hell, and the nature of eternity. Rogers eloquently offers these explanations without a shred of assured arrogance, as if she and Simeon were offering a stranger a simple meal—that becomes a feast.

Simeon E-Book

Simeon Trade Paperback

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 Formerly featured on USA Book News!


 Affirmation Prayer Beads

In its simplest form, a recited and repeated prayer becomes a form of autosuggestion to the unconscious mind. Prayer beckons your unconscious to become fully functional in helping you during everyday choices.

Autosuggestion does not mean you are leaving God out of the equation. In fact, this type of prayer can make you all the more aware of Divine influences in response to your requests. This kind of prayer helps you to take responsibility for your actions, to have more confidence in your choices, and to be more mindful about your intentions.

Each strand of prayer beads is created with select stones. Minerals, gemstones, and crystals are imbued with life energy and piezoelectric charges just like other living creatures and plants. They are composed of molecules in motion.

At times we remain unaware of how instantaneously the universe begins to orchestrate answers to our prayers, or even our wishful thinking. The energy of prayers reach their Source even before we utter them. The choreography of the universe instantaneously coordinates a series of events in answer to our requests.


9 Serpentine Spheres, Nylon Wire, 20″ Strand

Serpentine – $15.00 + S&H Continental US

This strand includes a glass focal bead, moss agate cross, Swarovski crystals and serpentine, white shell, and marble onyx beads.

• Serpentine aids meditation, spiritual exploration, and Kundalini experience; helps you feel more in control of your life

• Moss Agate stabilizes the body and helps release blockages • Marble Onyx facilitates support during difficult, confusing circumstances • White Shell stimulates intuition and insight

All prayer beads are shipped in two protective pouches with pamphlet instructions for their use and care.
Affirmation prayer beads are designed to be used with healthy statements of intent. The best time for prayer is when you are relaxed, usually just before retiring and awakening, when the brain is shifting to and from altered states of sleep. 


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