Energetic Forecast Oct 8-14

This Week’s Energetic Forecast


Each week in twelve key areas of your life a combination of your individual choices, collective consciousness, and galactic influences converge into a series of living energies and events you experience as life. These physiological and psychological patterns are posted here for your guidance. Understanding the patterns and cycles that influence you daily will help you live life more satisfactorily and serenely.

Oct 8-14


Who I Am

When you rise to the challenge, don’t be surprised if some discontentment creeps in; your emotions have to catch up with your endeavors.


What I Own

The ability to make money, unpredictable as it may seem at times, always rests on the worth of your individuality synchronizing with the whole. Get clear about how to materialize your dreams and don’t be swayed by emotional predators.


How I Learn

Clash of wills in your remote past still has you double-checking whether others are accepting your input, even as you dispense it. Just say what you mean and mean what you say.


My Kinship Connections

This week at home you may feel others are trying to quash your individuality. If you can see that your own insistence is blocking the way to reaching your ultimate goals, you can release blaming others for placing their limitations on you.


How I Express Myself

Your enthusiasm, while infectious, is not necessarily contagious. You may be disappointed with the lackluster response you receive from those close to you. They may be intimidated by your ideas.


My Body, Mind, & Emotions

When breaking away from outdated concerns, you may have or encounter some moody moments this week.


Who I Share With

Your primary partner is in your sites more than ever this week. Part of the dilemma is how you can adapt the relationship to suit both your needs equally.


How I Change

Enthusiasm for joint projects may be dampened by tendencies to struggle with sharing, letting go, and allowing. Perfectionism blocks interchange of ideas.


How I Connect

Fear is not holding you back from moving ahead spiritually, as much as engaging in self-contradictory efforts.


My Livelihood

You’re willing to put in extra time and effort at work, particularly if it means recognition in some way, or if it allows you to move your way up in a new career focus.


My Goals

Losing a friend hits you harder than others may understand. You feel deep compassion for those who are in pain, and that may be the crux of the misunderstanding or argument.


How I Surrender

You may feel the need to back down, or make some decisions that will demand less publicity or public scrutiny. The resulting seclusion is okay at this time.