Wow, that’s perfect; so insightful, and just, well, accurate! Her advice is just perfect because I always realized there was a pattern, I just didn’t know how to break it! Seeing all the back and forth was just frustrating me and I didn’t quite know what to do to fix it. Her insight resonates with me, and I feel it’s safe to talk to her. Once again, Julie, thank you so so much. I feel like I’m finally on the right path with this, thanks to you.


Julie has a gentle and understanding approach toward me, and I feel that my heart is at peace after every chat with her. She has helped me face my own demons by offering insight into my dreams and has given me the hope and courage needed to go forward with my future. Thank you!


Julie is probably one of the most gifted and caring spiritual counselors I have met. She believes in personal attention toward all clients and she treats them with dignity and respect. It does not matter what time or hour of the day it is, if a client has an urgent issue, she responds ASAP. I am quite amazed at the accuracy of her counsel. I believe anybody who meets Julie should consider him/herself very fortunate.


I’ve never gotten insight into my situation like from Julie. She’s really been on the mark with everything she’s said. I did not look at it that way before, but what she said resonated with me. Bless you, Julie, and thank you so much! You’ve helped me like none before.


Julie is the most accurate and trustworthy person I have ever met. She has been reading for me for about two years now, and all that she said has happened exactly as she described it beforehand. She has a beautiful heart and soul. She sees things like no others and always has the best solutions and advice. I always feel amazing after talking with her. It’s like talking to my best friend, one who will always be there for me. Thank you for your guidance, help and being here for me.


Julie said the rings would be in a piece of furniture that is wood. It would have metal on the front, and the knobs were metal. She mentioned a picture that used to hang on the wall at my grandmother’s house as a memory trigger, and on top of the jewelry box was my grandmother’s wedding picture which used to hang on her wall at her house. She mentioned something being mottled, and my incense burner on top of the jewelry box is mottled with color. She mentioned the piece of furniture being near or in a hallway or entrance way in my house, and my office is off of my hallway, the jewelry box right near the door. AND she said the rings would not be clearly visible (which they were not) but that they had fallen down in the cracks, and could be reached with my hand, and there they were! Julie, I am so happy to have had your help with this! You are truly amazing and blessed! Amen to your gift! I am so grateful and appreciative to have met you and received your guidance with this! You have no idea! I am still in shock that I have found these rings after almost two years of searching. With your help I found them in less than a week! Amazing! Thank you, thank you a million thanks! Love Always!


Woo-hoo! Where do I begin? I think you have special people who grace your presence with greatness for a certain amount of time, and then they are gone. Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, etc.

Julie was perfect in every aspect of the word, and in this case, the job. The skill level, the extra work, the passion that she has to make the story live is unreal. I waited for such a long time to find a ghostwriter to do this job, and finally it’s done, thanks to Julie. I will embrace the moment that I have her for my work, she is great, and by far the best contractor that I have ever worked with!


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