Case Examples

Case Study Examples

eyeglass2 - CopyWhat better way to see how Divine Contracts works than case examples themselves? Two clients have generously agreed to share their stories. Whereas Eli wanted the direction and validation of the Life Purpose and Path Consultation, Lauren preferred to tackle her questions one at a time with the Email Question Consultation. We appreciate their contributions!

Note: Currently I am no longer offering these bigger, more expensive packages. These examples demonstrate how I process and interpret energetic nuances, and are for informational purposes only.

Life Path & Purpose Consultation

After a motor vehicle accident badly damaged Eli’s sacral spine and pelvis, he endured ten corrective surgical procedures before the age of 30, two of the most critical just ten months apart. Eli came to Divine Contracts for a Life Path & Purpose consultation with questions about how to proceed with his life after relocating from a full-time job and stable income in the American Midwest to his unemployed status in The Bible Belt.

Having previously worked successfully as a personal trainer, Eli had traveled worldwide, studying under several spiritual teachers. He was an avid reader and thinker. His journey into a broad range of vocational and intuitive experiences began with a seven-month introduction into Buddhism and meditation as a cook on a fishing boat. He hiked the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu, participated in plant-medicine based cleansing rituals with a shaman in Bagua Chica, and taught English in the village of Chachapoyas.

Arriving back in the States, Eli headed to Denali National Park upon suffering culture shock. He camped and lived there for six months, then traveled to Brazil, where he was introduced to OSHO meditation and was able to once again to recapture his sense of well-being through nature. He also felt called to travel to Taganga and Parque Tayrona, Columbia, home of the Kogis, where his experiences there put him on a healing path. Throughout his travels, Eli more deeply connected with the medicinal and healing properties of food, as well as the mindful cultivation and consumption of earth’s resources.

As a food-conscious individual, Eli decided to study aquaponics, returning to the States to camp and work on a permaculture farm in California. He practiced meditation daily and continued to study under shamans who taught him to explore deeper insights, learning bird language as well as the ways to reconnect with animal energies and totems. When I spoke with him, he had just completed his Reiki I & II certifications.

prettymagnifier - CopyIt was clear to me from Eli’s life path chart that he came into this existence to focus on intangibles, e.g. what he would feel and experience. These experiences would always carry more weight emotionally with him and be more right to him than what he thought or did. I also had a strong sense that he received information from others empathically, and it was very hard for him to deal with mass emotion and mass pain because of his intuitive sensitivity. I believe his early attempts in formative years to express what he felt were met with rejection by others who did not understand his makeup or particular sensitivity, that these same people may have grown impatient with him as a child or adolescent. With all this emotional (water) energy, I felt it was important for Eli to understand its true power, and how it would serve him over time. The following quote says it beautifully:

“Of all the elements, the Sage should take water as his preceptor. Water is yielding but all-conquering. Water extinguishes Fire or, finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft Earth or, when confronted by rocks, seeks a way around. It saturates the atmosphere so that Wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility, for no power can prevent if following its destined course to the sea. Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.”
—The Wheel of Life   

lookingglass - CopyA big part of Eli’s grounding, I felt, would occur as he further learned how to put his experiences and his feelings into words. I encouraged him to make sure that any continuing education efforts would support him in doing this, that he ultimately needed to more completely understand and communicate his knowledge about his broad range of experiences to others.

I believe a big part of Eli’s future work is going to involve teaching/mentoring his insights to others.

In order to do that, I suggested this plan:

    1. Engage the quest to live your true identity.
    2. Know when to say “no.”
    3. Find more effective ways of communicating your feelings.
    4. Help others find their way in life once #1-3 are working for you.

My sense was that Eli had been working on these four points a very long time already, and had carried them into this lifetime, as well. Hence, that he should be patient with himself, for these endeavors, straightforward though they may seem, involve the complexity and comprehensive experiences of several lifetimes—and not a task easily accomplished, therefore requiring continued attention.

The energy working in the twelve key areas of Eli’s life not only resonated with him, but served in shaping some of his current personal triumphs and struggles:

Self – Eli came into this life under a soul agreement that intangibles and [transcendental] experiences will be much more emotionally satisfying to him than indoctrination. Though not immune to impatience, he is much more comfortable feeling his way along in a methodical, plodding manner that may at times be too “slow” for others around him. This slow but steady manner feels more stable and structured to him, when he is not hurried into a choice—and he will get there, but he is in no hurry to arrive. He truly is here to experience the journey, not the destination. His emotions can boil over, becoming explosive and unpredictable, startling to others as well as himself—not necessarily out of impatience, but because he feels them so deeply. This is one area where he would benefit from learning and practicing even more coping strategies to not only moderate, but also pace his emotional intensity, when it arises. (Eli already practices chakra meditation, yoga, and POI regularly.)

Possessions – For Eli, the earth and its resources are in his care, and he feels very deeply for them. He has Gemini’s adaptability to live as a pauper or a king, whichever path he happens to be on, as long as he can continue to feed his body from healthy resources with which he has contributed to sustaining. Eli also has many ideas swirling about regarding his career and how he would like to support himself, with some trouble finding his ultimate vocational focus, because this involves integrating tangibles with intangibles—and the integration process must ultimately feel right to him. Thus far he has found it easier to adapt his lifestyle to fit his vocation than choosing a vocation that monetarily supports a certain lifestyle.

Discovery – Eli is talkative and communicates in a compassionate, caring way. At times he finds conversation with others difficult, though, because he has such a proliferation of ideas. He can quickly lose the original focus of the conversation and seem scattered.

Family – Eli likes intellectually stimulating relationships, and emotionally he has a tendency to dive too deep too quickly. His struggle in this lifetime is finding a home environment where he experiences peace. He longs to surround himself with earth beauty and call it home. He is drawn to art, artifacts, and culture in his travel, all part of that longing to find home. Experiencing harmony and a fair exchange of ideas was missing in his formative years (parents’ difficulties and separation). This is his goal for home and family, finding the essence of personal peace in life he missed as a child. He feels much more deeply than others [friends, family members] notice. They see a stubborn attitude they disagree with versus the pain of his emotional sensitivity.

Creativity Eli has musical talent and plays a guitar for personal enjoyment. With more consistent practice, his skills could improve exponentially. This is aspected in a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in his chart, that his musical talent may have gone unrecognized as a viable career option. When Eli is feeling creatively right with the world, though his primary temperament is melancholy, he can be very bright and fun-loving in those moments.

Health – Eli has proved several times over that he is very adaptable to living arrangements. However, to heal his physical and emotional wounding, he needs more structure and routine in his day-to-day life. His chart points to physical wounding early in his life [via the motor vehicle accident], but the same Saturnian aspect that predicts the accident also provides him with the determination and resourcefulness to overcome. Without this wilfulness, Eli’s second surgical outcome would’ve undoubtedly had a much poorer prognosis. Eli has an inner confidence despite hard knocks that carries him forward. He is ambitious, and needs to keep in mind that it’s more comfortable and ultimately satisfying for him to slowly reach his goals when he grows impatient with himself or others. One of the major issues with his health is difficulty expressing his energy completely; the drive and ambition are there, but he feels like he runs up against a brick wall. This is very frustrating for him. Also, failures to heal fully by his own efforts, or to heal others who do not cooperate, have a tendency to overshadow his self-esteem. He will find himself less critical of himself if he lets certain expectations go and allow to be what is. Each man’s healing is his own decision.

Partnership – The same inability to express his energy fully exists in this arena of his life, as well. He often feels like he’s banging his head up against a brick wall. His tendency to doubt himself at times is as equally strong here as in the area of health. Some of this comes from feeling blocked in self-expression, though in reality, his self expression is sufficient. This undermining of his own freedom of expression comes from Saturn energy sitting in conjunction to Mars—and it trips up many. In addition to this, Eli is often drawn to unconventional relationships where a flare for drama is high. Some of these difficulties also may come from the square Mars/Mercury relationship. He has many, many ideas that tend to lead conversations into loops, which may be aggravating for some. His inability to concentrate and stay on topic, i.e. losing the essence of the conversation may contribute to difficulties in establishing partnership goals and perimeters, whether personal or business. Tapping into the full nature of his own intuitive power about what and when to say it will help him here.

Transformation – Eli feels best when he finds common ground with others. He enjoys lobbying for social changes, especially for living in harmony with others and the earth. At times he will crave others’ approval. When they don’t approve, he has a huge amount of generosity and warmheartedness to spare. I encouraged him that he doesn’t always have to withdraw from the criticism of others; he does have that power to be radiant and fully present regardless of others’ opinions.

Spirituality – Although Eli has had several wilderness quests and spiritual initiations that some would look upon with envy, my sense is at times he doubts the integrity or validity of what he’s experienced, and craves more experiences to top those experiences. A Chiron/Jupiter Quincunx throws this kind of tension in his spiritual seekership, and has probably been present in past lifetimes, as well. It’s always been very important for Eli to find his own way—to sift and pick—spiritually speaking. His chart indicates he will change his spiritual convictions several times this lifetime—often the footprint of a spiritual seeker.

Career Eli is a better leader than follower. He needs to choose a career path that has an investigative, delving focus. He could just as easily mine for a rare gems as plumb the human psyche, but the Pluto influence in his chart has him always wanting to get to the bottom, to get to the source of things, i.e. that of a master teacher. Because of his varied lifestyles he might be mislabeled as a free spirit; in reality, he has a true internal drive to establish a responsible and respectable career, and approaches any vocational change with caution.

Vision – Eli shows a natural affinity to care for others. He expresses a great amount of loyalty, and is easily wounded by others’ unreliability and changeability. He will more than likely be misunderstood by those who know him best, within his family of origin. His enjoyment of exploring through various life experiences will likely draw him to fringe groups, particularly those that are recovery oriented, where he may have great social impact.

Sacrifice – Eli is easily overwhelmed by energy and pain of which others may not even be aware. Attending a group for empaths would help him find both common ground and acquire methods for protecting his emotional energy. He will need to choose his role as a caregiver carefully, and incorporate techniques of detaching and delegating to others.

One area that particularly bothered Eli was the recent dissolution of two close (business and personal) partnerships. I explained:

While you are here learning how to be true to yourself and how to heal yourself, you also are drawn at times to unconventional relationships, particularly those that revolve around ideas of philosophy, ethics, and spirituality. You’re choosing these relationships to explore, not to remain attached to them. If you try to force attachment on them you’ll grow uncomfortable, because their purpose is not for partnering in the traditional sense of the word. You are in these relationships to explore new ideas.

Eli’s soul path is an important role, involving uplifting the consciousness of the planet. Although he often treks the globe alone, he needs to know that he is not alone on his journey. I feel there are angelic presences surrounding him and preparing the way via special messages just for him. I encouraged him to call upon the healing archangel Raphael daily for his health.

Eli hurts when he allows others to cross into his personal space. This will require some vigilance on his part, because he is so sensitive: he must stand strong and firm, and not allow others to cross the boundaries he has set for himself. He must also be aware and take stock of all situations happening around him constantly, and if he does this, he will encounter far fewer surprises. This kind of vigilance is his way of taking back his personal power.

I believe that Eli, an explorer and searcher at heart, has yet been holding back from tapping into the complete nature of his intuitive powers. He has some nagging doubts about his past, particularly his deceased father. One way he can come to terms with these doubts is truly trusting that the only limits he experiences are those he’s decided to accept and believe.

I feel like Eli will be able to take his former experience in personal fitness training and integrate the healing modalities he has since studied: functional fitness, POI, yoga, Reiki, chakra therapy, music, meditation, and aquaponics. There’s a very good chance he will combine these modalities into a new form of fitness practice. I encouraged him that he could conserve his personal space and energy by offering this training in workshops, which would also fit with his needs to explore and travel.

Email Question

When Lauren and her husband considered purchasing a coffee shop near their apartment home, she contacted Divine Contracts with her question by email. Of major concern was whether or not the business was viable, if she and her husband could afford it, and if it would become a vehicle for further developing her Reiki and Tarot Reading practice. Their quest involved being approved for a loan and owning/operating the coffee shop 10-6 Monday through Saturday.

stock-illustration-5853965-question-markI sensed the loan would be delayed, giving Lauren time to see that the seller was not someone with whom she wanted to do business. I kept hearing “perilous clash of intentions.” I kept feeling that Lauren and her husband would find a building that had two levels, and the coffee shop was located on the ground floor only.

I also heard “window front needs change.” I had a feeling the seller had inflated profits on his P&L, and kept hearing “his property has its own money,” which made me think the seller might be siphoning funds from another resource or business to bail out this one.

I also picked up something about ongoing employee embezzlement. My sense was there were far better options elsewhere for practicing Reiki, that the energy in the coffee shop was not conducive to a successful practice or business there.

This was certainly a decision requiring from Lauren not only tons of introspection, but courage and conviction, and the willingness to push forward. The key here was to carefully evaluate and access whether or not the agency and the seller were truly offering this in a spirit of doing good business practice.

I asked Lauren to slow down, that there were signs throughout the storefront that would show her how the shop was really doing. It also felt like the daily responsibilities with running the store would ultimately consume the energy that she needed for her other practices.

I sensed Lauren and her husband would be making another purchase within a couple of months that involved being in a building with two levels. It would feel much more forthright from the beginning. It would be a smarter choice. I saw her watering something near the building, even spraying off the building itself.

This space would also suit Lauren better as a Reiki practitioner and a working mother with a new baby. It seemed that it would provide a place, too, where her older girls could work with her. It felt to me that financially, the focus needed to be providing a space where Lauren could grow her Reiki practice first, then perhaps add a coffee/tea space later.

Lauren’s review of the coffee shop’s balance sheet did reveal to her that profit margins were inflated. She considered a couple of other storefronts and possibilities with me, but none of them came without certain financial risk. Then, the real issue at hand seemed to knock her between the eyes.

Lauren and her family had been living in a home where a young man had been murdered. Any clearing efforts seemed to only make matters worse. Their baby fussed through most nights, and their older daughters would not go into certain rooms alone. Lauren didn’t have a designated Reiki room, so she could not be sure if it was lack of privacy or the lingering energy that kept her business from growing.

A town home became available six weeks later, with a designated space for Lauren’s private Reiki room, and the building had two levels. Lauren was concerned about the mortgage being higher, but economically, it made more sense than anything else we’d considered. She and her husband agreed to lease the property. She had not yet gotten her Reiki room unpacked when another work-at-home job came open for her. Lauren sent pictures once they were settled, showing a little garden in back. She later wrote me, extremely excited.

Hi Julie, how are you? Just wanted to let you know that we moved and are settled down now ☺ . We feel so much better and the baby sleeps so much better now, and all night. She is so much calmer, and the girls as well. I started reading again today. I have not set up the Reiki table yet. I sent some pictures of the house and pictures of us. Hope to hear from you soon!

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