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Ever wonder why?

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Why am I doing this?

What do I really want?

What’s blocking me from getting there? 

Divine Contracts is dedicated to assist you in discovering how ordinary, everyday events factor into your life purpose. We can help you identify root fears that block you from moving ahead toward your full Divine potential. You, too can leave behind disillusionment and experience the ultimate satisfaction of living your life passion. You can enjoy making every moment count!

Overcome limiting thoughts

Identify your unique abilities

Clarify your life path

Trust your own decisions and goals

Start living the life you want

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This Week’s Energetic Forecast

Each week in twelve key areas of your life a combination of your individual choices, collective consciousness, and galactic influences converge into a series of living energies and events you experience as life. These physiological and psychological patterns are posted here for your guidance. Understanding the patterns and cycles that influence you daily will help you live life more satisfactorily and serenely.

March 22-31

Who I Am

You are, appear, and feel very “on point” this week, especially when it comes to finding the right words at hand. Balance any upstart conversations with diplomacy. Even a pause midstream will indicate you are listening.

What I Own

You are more capable of seeing yourself through financial decisions than you let yourself believe. Don’t forget that a healthy economy allows money to flow. It needs to come; it needs to go.

How I Learn

Part of helping your spirit soar does involve sharing your enthusiasm and new insights with others. It’s part of an ongoing search for inspiration. Pay attention to any news coming your way, as well.

My Kinship Connections

The odd and eccentric may not translate into a healthy, presentable home this week. You might need to choose exactly what you know you will want others to see.

How I Express Myself

This is the week to tackle that problem project; your creative and meticulous, methodical juices are flowing in equal measure. Self discipline and personal honesty is required; you will need others’ cooperation, so don’t get too far ahead in your endeavors alone.

My Body, Mind, & Emotions

Your organizational abilities could restructure your daily habits into a different direction this week. It develops from believing you have the right to assert yourself regarding these details.

Who I Share With

Relationships that blow in and out of your life with dramatic intensity may have evolved from trying too hard to play both sides of the coin: while more and “both” sometimes feel better, chances are there’s another side of you that is equally determined to put up the STOP sign.

How I Change

A desire to unite with a partner on a deeper emotional and sexual level may be thwarted because your own self-imposed principles are feeling compromised.

How I Connect

World affairs require more education and evaluation in order to arrive upon a satisfactory personal viewpoint at this time. You may need to truly travel there before you can comment, let alone understand the ways and means of a solution.

My Livelihood

This week you may discover a path that allows you to be more at one with your work. You’ll know it when it happens, because it will feel like the ultimate contribution you can make.

My Goals

You may have to revisit a conversation this week. What starts out as an imaginative, sensitive approach to a topic that appears to work on some levels is still not providing practical solutions. You may have to come back with a more assertive approach that sells your ideas with proof of substance.

How I Surrender

When harsh reminders of unfulfilled or not yet fulfilled personal destinies encroach on your sense of well being this week, some brief indulgences can be healthy, to remind you that enjoyments attainable in the short term are equally a part of reaching the long term.

This page updates weekly with forecasts on new energetic influences and events, with suggestions designed to help you navigate your life. To review the previous week, see the Archives below.

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