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Ever wonder why?

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Why am I doing this?

What do I really want?

What’s blocking me from getting there? 

Divine Contracts is dedicated to assist you in discovering how ordinary, everyday events factor into your life purpose. We can help you identify root fears that block you from moving ahead toward your full Divine potential. You, too can leave behind disillusionment and experience the ultimate satisfaction of living your life passion. You can enjoy making every moment count!

Discover the bigger picture

Overcome limiting thoughts

Identify your unique abilities

Clarify your life path

Trust your own decisions and goals

Start living the life you want

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This Week’s Energetic Forecast

Each week in twelve key areas of your life a combination of your individual choices, collective consciousness, and galactic influences converge into a series of living energies and events you experience as life. These physiological and psychological patterns are posted here for your guidance. Understanding the patterns and cycles that influence you daily will help you live life more satisfactorily and serenely.

June 22-30

Who I Am

It’s easier, though not less stressful, to take into account others’ feelings and inclinations this week. You’ll need to retreat to a quiet place in order to take it all in, though.

What I Own

This week may stir memories about younger years when money (and the items it could buy) was not so plentiful or not so much on your mind. It feels right to be focused on it now, though. You have to.

How I Learn

You can improve your oratory or verbal skills this week. Although you’re quite spot-on already, if you have a tendency to footnote with your own ideas only, you will interfere with a broader achievement that is available to you.

My Kinship Connections

Lingering emotional hurts from childhood may bubble to the surface this week. There are areas where, in spite of your amazing ability to adapt,healing and moving past the issues did not occur. Reminders of your past from the present moment are truly only a challenge to place your focus elsewhere.

How I Express Myself

This is the week for maximizing creative endeavors—whether a musical ensemble or a drifting rally—it’s all about the ability to become one with an artistic endeavor.

My Body, Mind, & Emotions

Life has too much discovery at hand in spite of being ill or to remain ill. This is the message of the week.

Who I Share With

It’s important to step back and consider the expectations we place upon our loved ones. These standards can constitute emotional cages of sorts—and who is truly happy living in a cage?

How I Change

There’s strong energy in the sines this week for pioneering or initiating mergers of all kinds: securities, partnerships, intuitive knowledge, and loving relationships.

How I Connect

Though cultural diversity in philosophy can be fascinating to study, you prefer the practical over the fantastical when it comes to caring for those you love. You’d rather demonstrate your care with a favorite meal and a good book than with exhausting transcendental ideas and heady discussions at this time.

My Livelihood

It’s better to play in safe in all business dealings and transactions this week.It could mean a difference for many jobs at stake.The ripple affect applies here.

My Goals

There’s a huge potential for adding to your circle of friends, particularly ones that may share common hobbies, interests, or admiration of beautiful creations and crafts.

How I Surrender

This week is all about letting go of the alpha position and the limelight. This allows you to see the greater whole and your most crucial part in it.

This page updates weekly with forecasts on new energetic influences and events, with suggestions designed to help you navigate your life. To review the previous week, see the Archives below.

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