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Why am I doing this?

What do I really want?

What’s blocking me from getting there? 

Divine Contracts is dedicated to assist you in discovering how ordinary, everyday events factor into your life purpose. We can help you identify root fears that block you from moving ahead toward your full Divine potential. You, too can leave behind disillusionment and experience the ultimate satisfaction of living your life passion. You can enjoy making every moment count!

Discover the bigger picture

Overcome limiting thoughts

Identify your unique abilities

Clarify your life path

Trust your own decisions and goals

Start living the life you want

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This Week’s Energetic Forecast

Each week in twelve key areas of your life a combination of your individual choices, collective consciousness, and galactic influences converge into a series of living energies and events you experience as life. These physiological and psychological patterns are posted here for your guidance. Understanding the patterns and cycles that influence you daily will help you live life more satisfactorily and serenely.

May 22-31

Who I Am

Opportunities are ignited this week by your willingness to try new things and/or create those new situations yourself. It feels good to stand back and be confident about what you’ve ushered in.

What I Own

It’s time to sell—mainly to release the frustrations you’re feeling about maintaining certain items you don’t use or need. The hardest part is realizing you are no less secure without them.

How I Learn

You have a stronger awareness about your own needs for companionship, and why. In some of this you will need to leave behind the attitudes of your own individuality.

My Kinship Connections

Introducing even a small fountain or improving your water supply in your home will calm some nerves. Don’t let your confidence be undermined by negative emotions. Fearful motives you think you see in others could be imagined, or not quite on the mark.

How I Express Myself

It’s a great time to attend a large recreational or sporting event, but you may not be willing to go for front-row seats. Others who enjoy your company might not understand the reasons behind your self-denial.

My Body, Mind, & Emotions

Changes in yours or another’s health may impact your ability to complete your week’s agenda or your bucket list. It can be about releasing old emotional structures of support and approaching the situation with more humility than you’ve demonstrated in the past.

Who I Share With

The issue is expressed affection to those outside the partnership, and how much. One of you would like to stretch the boundaries a little.

How I Change

You may be tempted to turn away from expressing your desires to a potential lover this week, and look instead for your sense of oneness in shopping or possessions because of disconnection sexually or feeling sexually inadequate.

How I Connect

It’s a blip on the screen of total existence, but “getting there” can seem to move in slow motion this week, with several impediments to boot. Take a deep breath; you’ll be back to your regular pace in no time.

My Livelihood

The idea of taking the office for a walk in the park, returning to our roots, even a virtual trip outdoors or introducing a microcosm of the wide open into your work space is a great plan this week.

My Goals

If others share your interests and goals, it makes it easier for you to assert your ideas and feel comfortable taking a leadership role. If you’re not feeling confident about this, don’t try to multitask your way around it. Evasive and off-topic behavior won’t help.

How I Surrender

When you place your intuitive mirror up to others, you very often “see” yourself. Recognizing your own beauty will allow it to be recognized in others.

This page updates weekly with forecasts on new energetic influences and events, with suggestions designed to help you navigate your life. To review the previous week, see the Archives below.

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